Why It’s Important to Dress Well for a Video Conference Call

The new normal hit us all like a ton of bricks. Seemingly overnight, the classrooms and offices moved into the virtual space, which was received with open arms by some, but invoked a negative response in others. Sure, video conferencing in your undergarments can be a perk of working/studying from home. After all, others will only see the upper portion of your torso, right?

Still, just because you can do it, doesn’t automatically mean that you should. Let’s explore why that is so in this particular case.

The psychology of dressing well

As it turns out, the way you dress is linked to your inner dialogue. In other words, if you dress like a slob, you’ll end up feeling like it at some point, even if it’s at the subconscious level. But if you dress like today marks an important chapter in your life, that, too, will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let’s make one thing crystal clear: you can’t guarantee that sunshine will come only because you’ve decided to put on a good set of clothes today (if only it were that simple). But you absolutely can set the predicament for it. And that’s huge!

Creating a sense of normalcy in abnormal times

Despite the adjustments we’ve had to make, life goes on. There are still businesses that need to be run and if you’re a student, you still want to get a good education regardless of the state of the world.

Although you are interacting with others through a digital camera, chances are you’d like others to perceive you through a sense of normalcy (or as close as we can get to it in these troubling times). And others are having the same thoughts. It’s catering to a base human need. So even if you don’t care how you’re dressed, others might. And it might affect how they feel.

How many of them do you think are secretly sitting in their undergarments? Actually, let’s drop that thought.

The art and science of nailing that important interview

If you’ve got an important job interview or a business meeting to nail, the correct dressing etiquette is especially important, regardless of the fact you’re doing it online. So suit up, comb your hair, and do what you need to do to get the outcome you deserve. Although being knowledgeable about whatever field you’ve chosen to pursue is important, sometimes, others will judge you based on how you carry yourself above all else. And your professional attire happens to be a significant part of that.

To spice it up some more, consider wearing name-brand clothing and accessories such as Hublot watches. Not only will it make you feel more confident and thus increase your chances of success, it also influences the way others perceive you. So it pays to convey the message that you’re about business, no messing around.

It puts you in a work-oriented mindset

Psychologists often recommend that you should work in a separate office space that’s not meant for leisure time activities. This is for a good reason – it helps you switch gears to a work-oriented mindset, thus allowing you to stay productive and reduce procrastination.

Much in the same vein, the attire you choose is like picking your outer layer. When putting on your training pants, it puts you in the frame of mind you need when going out for a jog. A professional attire puts you in the right mood to get some work done. That’s because we tend to associate certain rooms and clothing styles with these concepts, although it’s technically just a piece of fabric.


The new normal may have set new rules, but the underlying principles of human psychology remain. In the end, much of it stays the same.