Whole-home Wi-Fi solutions eliminate dead spots and provide faster speeds

Ubiquiti Labs, the consumer technology arm of wireless networking company Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:UBNT), has announced the availability of its AmpliFi HD Mesh Wi-Fi products in the United Kingdom, the company said.

AmpliFi HD is designed to solve many of the widely-recognised challenges of the connected home, including dead zones, slow connections, and difficulties in setting up and configuring a router.

AmpliFi HD Wi-Fi stands out in its category through a unique combination of form and function. Designed from the outside in, AmpliFi is meant to be a showcase piece for the modern home.

The central routing device camouflages an advanced antenna design as a stunning desktop piece featuring a glowing base LED and a smart LCD display. The router connects to adjustable MeshPoints that distribute Wi-Fi throughout the home. To reduce clutter, the MeshPoints can seamlessly be installed into any open electrical socket without any cables.

Ubiquiti Labs is the consumer electronics innovation laboratory of Ubiquiti Networks (NASDAQ: UBNT) (“Ubiquiti”), a provider of wireless communication devices for enterprises and service providers. Ubiquiti was founded by former Apple engineer Robert Pera in 2005 with the mission to connect everyone everywhere through innovative new technology products. Ubiquiti Labs consists of a small team of engineers and product designers dedicated to solving everyday problems. The team´s first product is AmpliFi HD, a mesh Wi-Fi system that solves chronic Wi-Fi challenges now facing the connected home.