Wheels Up, Inspirato partner to offer increased value to members

Wheels Up and Inspirato partnered to broaden and add increased value to their membership product offerings, the companies said.

The companies said individual and corporate Wheels Up Members will receive a complimentary one-year Inspirato key or executive membership, allowing them to travel within Inspirato´s curated collection of luxury vacation options in 150 locations around the world.

Wheels Up said it plans to introduce a selection of Inspirato vacation opportunities with pre-selected arrival and departure dates at villas and resorts around the world.

The companies said they plan to launch additional co-branded offerings, including further benefits for Inspirato Members to access the Wheels Up program and events throughout 2017.

Wheels Up is a membership-based private aviation company that reduces the upfront costs to fly privately, while providing flexibility, service and safety.

Inspirato is a luxury hospitality company that provides its 14,000+ members access to hundreds of curated vacation options, delivered through a club model, which includes private vacation homes available to members and guests, villas and residences at resorts, hotel rooms and suites at guaranteed members-only value, and adventures at events.