What you can do if you are involved in a case of financial fraud

The first thing that comes in mind when dealing with serious accusations like financial frauds is to ask for legal advice from a criminal defence solicitor who has experience in such area of crimes. A defence lawyer will explain your rights, even if only accusations have been brought or if the police keep you in custody. At an international scale, financial frauds are seen and detected on a daily basis, but the authorities continue to fight against the phenomenon with the help of restrictive laws and punishments.

Bribery and corruption, as part of financial frauds

Bribery and corruption, money laundering, investment fraud, terrorist financing, insider dealing, and market abuse are categorised as financial frauds for which offenders can face long-time imprisonment and/or harsh fines. The act of bribery is a serious concern in any country, and persons accused of such crimes will have to immediately ask for legal advice and representation in front of the authorities. Offering money or assets as a bribe to public authorities in exchange for personal benefits or asking to ignore an offence for different financial aids or errands enters the bribery category. This is a financial fraud which should be immediately reported to the police if detected. Preventing bribery and corruption at a high level is part of different programmes of authorities worldwide, so you can also be involved, one way or another at a certain point.

In the case of offenders accused of financial frauds, including bribery, it is best to talk to a criminal lawyer and find out the ways in which you can receive legal advice and representation. A proper defence normally leads to a successful case, so having the legal support of an experienced lawyer is recommended.

Money laundering cases

Another worrying phenomenon refers to the money laundering cases which are illegal activities involving large sums of money illegally gained. Specific transactions are involved when trying to wash the trace of the money, and most of the fraudsters think of front businesses, shell companies, black salaries, and anything related, in their way of escaping from the authorities watch. In most cases, organised crime groups are involved in money laundering cases where real estate transactions or jewellery trading are used to wash the illegal money. If you face such accusations, do not hesitate to get in touch with a criminal solicitor and find out more about how you can receive legal advice. Your legal rights are explained in the first place when contacting a solicitor in a financial fraud case.

Investment frauds – what you need to know Investment frauds are often related to medium and high financial hubs all over the world, where illegal transactions or agreements develop in a fraudulent manner. Illegal insider dealing and trading, bank investment schemes or fraudulent manipulation of stock exchanges are only a few of the investment fraud cases involving companies, investors or even public institutions. The first thing to consider in cases of financial fraud accusations is to get in contact with a criminal defence solicitor with expertise in this area of frauds.