What is MT4 and why is it the most important trading

MetaTrader 4, commonly known as MT4, is the most important electronic trading platform as of today. MT4 is very popular among online retail foreign exchange traders due to its convenience, versatility, reliability, and customization possibilities.

Created in 2005 by MetaQuotes Software, it has gained popularity thanks to its intuitive features and client and server components, which make communication faster and more efficient.

Today, MT4 is the most widely used trading platform in the world, with more than 14 satisfied million users.

This standalone platform is designed to help users automate their trading. MT4 offers the possibility to use their set algorithms or create them from scratch, designing a personalized trading strategy that will run constantly, increasing the trader’s opportunities.

Even though it’s commonly connected with Forex trading, it can also be used to trade other markets.

But why has MT4 consolidated itself as the most important trading platform in the world? Here we will discuss the aspects that make this Forex trading platform unique and popular.

Why is MT4 the most important trading platform?

There are quite a few reasons that have made MT4 so popular and widely used.

First of all, the platform is very easy to use. MetaQuotes has succeeded in creating intuitive tools that can be used by experienced traders as well as new ones.

MT4 offers a lot of useful information easily available to users that can easily access charts, indicators, and prices while avoiding overwhelming users with complexities.

MT4 has been tested over and over again to assure its reliable operation. In trading, this aspect is fundamental since a second delay could cost a wealthy profit. It’s even possible to set up the platform with slow internet connections and older devices, adapting its performance to be reliable 100% of the time.

A very interesting and attractive aspect of MT4 is that allows the user to automatize their trading. By introducing EAs (expert advisors), MetaQuotes allows traders to multiply their opportunities in the Forex market, which works 24 hours a day, or continue trading while doing something else at work or at home.

EAs is a powerful tool that has increased MT4 popularity and made it an indispensable tool among traders. It is possible to use a given algorithm, or even create a personal strategy for automatic trading.

Another further interesting aspect of MT4 is that it can be used simultaneously from different devices. It works well with Windows, Apple, and Android among their different computers and phones, making it possible for a user to trade from anywhere at any time. A smart solution to help traders to never miss an opportunity.

Using different devices is easy since the user can log in in all of them with the same account, having live information when required. The platform also uses very little resources from your computer or telephone, having a fast reaction, and being more reliable.

Many users worry about security online, and the platform has proven to be very safe, which is an aspect not to ignore in these times when hacking and computer fraud are common.

Where to get MT4?

Downloading and installing the platform is rather easy.

An MT4 broker or an FX dealer will be able to provide you with access to the platform through them. This is easy if you already have a broker or have one in mind.

If this is not your case, however, the MT4 platform can be downloaded from their website for free to try a demo account, though it may be their latest version of the trading platform, called MT5.