What Every CEO Needs to Know About Video Conferencing

With people being told to work from home, video conferencing is now a daily part of life for CEOs and their businesses. Zoom has emerged as the leading platform for people’s video conferencing needs with over 300 million users. Zoom is known for being a free or low cost solution that provides the much-needed face-to-face interaction at this time.

Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom are popular because of their simplicity. However, Charles Thiede CEO and Co-Founder of London-based technology firm Zapnito, believes this can also be its weakness. Charles said, “For CEOs trying to deliver premium services, it simply does not work. It is an unbranded and fragmented user experience.”

For organisations with an intellectual overhead, such as consultancies and advisory firms, the delivery of expertise and knowledge is a vital part of service experience. The way this is done effectively varies from the physical world to the online one. Charles continues, “Video conferencing tech isn’t built with recording and publishing in mind, meaning it only really exists at a certain point in time. This has led to CEOs deciding to use platforms like Zoom to try and jam a live experience into the internet. However, the real point is that the beauty of the internet is that it can last, and it can be available on demand.”

What Zapnito offers is a digital ‘home’ for brands, event organisers and publishers which is a ‘clean uncluttered’ branded space to communicate to their networks. He adds, “The truly important thing for these organisations is the community behind it and building long-term relationships with, and between, these people. Now more than ever. The brands that have these strong relationships are the ones that will survive.

“Rather than using a generic video conferencing platform, a Zapnito-powered business is given the video panel tools to deliver a consistent user experience. This allows them to create a white-labelled platform for face-to-face and networking interactions with the event or brand community.”

Beyond the user experience there is also a focus on contributing back to the community. Charles Thiede adds, “The seamless record and publish functionality of Zapnito means that you can use the content to share expertise, promote collaboration and demonstrate to the wider world the expertise you have within your organisation. Therefore, it becomes a place where CEOs can generate awareness and leads for the business, as well as creating a hub of expertise that their community can access at any time. This is something Zoom could never replicate.”

Video conferencing platforms like Zoom have surged in popularity because they serve a purpose but are not the solution to everything, especially when it comes to communication with clients. Charles Thiede concludes, “Zoom is important, now more than ever, for CEOs and their businesses to bring people together for face-to-face meetings and provide some resemblance of human contact. But we need to be careful when stretching this beyond internal meetings to events and to delivering professional services. As a CEO you also want to be reassured that your community is protected against digital threats and so need security that you can trust.

“There is a temptation to ‘just use Zoom.’ This may be doing a disservice to the people that matter most, your clients and the community.”