What Does a Human Resources Employee Do?

Some people may not fully understand the scope of work that is involved for your HR employees. This work is crucial to both the workforce itself and the general daily running of a company. You yourself may not understand or appreciate the effort that your HR team put into keeping your company information, including that of new employees, up to date. It can also be useful for your HR team to understand the scope of the role, so they can also understand what other Human Resource colleagues may be tasked with, especially if slack needs to be picked up in the event of an absence or annual leave.

Employee Onboarding

When new team members join the company, their information will need to be added to your database, as well as that involving their payroll information so that they may receive their salary for the role. Using HR software solutions in the UK can help you to find systems that are tailored to your company location, as well as workplace needs. 

This onboarding doesn’t just entail entering information. It may also include setting up access to that individual, so that they are able to look through the policies and procedures for the company, and to complete any specialised training prior to their start date. 

The sooner this process is complete, the quicker your HR team will be able to flag up any problems, such as missing information, which can help get everything rectified before the new personnel starts at the company.

Disciplinary Measures

While this may not be a pleasant task, at times it may be necessary to begin disciplinary measures against a member of staff. Obviously, if the measure is against one of your HR team, they will not be able to be involved in the process, and it may be passed to a manager, yourself, or external HR team instead.

Otherwise, it will be down to your HR employees to gather evidence against the employee, or even evidence that proves that they were not at fault in certain situations. Along with interviewing the individual, any witnesses, or other staff members, this evidence will help them make an informed decision in relation to the accusation or infraction. This might involve warnings, or dismissal of either the case or the employee themselves.

Training Delegation

The Human Resources team may also be responsible for ensuring that workplace training is given to employees, and that it is successfully completed within a designated timeframe. While some types of training may be essential prior to onboarding, others may need to be completed by all staff on an annual basis, such as when policies are updated. In other cases, some pieces of training and education may only be suitable for select employees. 

Understanding the level of responsibility that your HR employee has towards the success of the company can help you to value and appreciate their work more. By looking at these tasks, and considering what the result would be without their completion, you and other employees may have a newfound respect for the HR team.