Westwood One offers local stations increased ROI, NRT publishing for content

Westwood One has introduced a new service for local radio stations that allows them to optimize ROI, increase market share, increase revenue, and improve accountability, the company said.

Veritone, powered by Westwood One, is a cloud-based cognitive audio platform that automates the capture and tagging of content and live read endorsements, making them accessible to advertisers in near real-time (NRT). Veritone also provides digital amplification across search and social media and extends the reach of podcasts, on-demand audio, streaming, and website content.

Veritone is a Cognitive Media Platform (CMP) transforming the passive cloud into an active intelligence ecosystem for developers, businesses and content owners to collaborate and effectively leverage the insights revealed in audio and video streams.

Westwood One, the national-facing arm of Cumulus Media, offers audio products to reach listeners whenever, wherever they are. Westwood One is a connection between audio companies, advertisers, and audience — with 8,200 broadcast radio stations and media partners who reach 245 million weekly listeners.