We.Stream launches secure mobile WiFi hotspot

We.Stream has officially launched its international mobile connectivity product, the company said.

We.Stream is the world´s first Secure Mobile WiFi Hotspot with embedded Cloud SIM Technology that enables unlimited data access in more than 100 countries.

The embedded Cloud SIM technology enables users to experience the best mobile data rates worldwide. They can easily activate data plans with a single click on the touchscreen of the device. With the built-in VPN solution, travelers can conduct sensitive business online enjoying peace of mind, knowing their data is secure and private. The upfront price point for the device will be USD 179, which includes 2GB of global mobile data. Frequent travelers can save even more over their current data roaming charges by purchasing We.Stream´s unlimited data plan for only USD 249 per year.

We.Stream is an initiative of Mondicon, an international mobile data provider specializing in connectivity solutions for challenging situations. We.Stream recently opened its office in Santa Monica, California to support its growth in the United States. We.Stream has been nominated for numerous technology awards and received the Dutch Inspirience Award 2017 for “Best Mobile Project”.