Westmoreland completes certification testing of Norsk Titanium's rapid plasma deposition process

Norway-based Norsk Titanium AS said it has achieved Technology Readiness Level Eight (TRL 8) by concluding a test plan coordinated through the Federal Aviation Administration and launched in September, 2012.

The results of Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research Inc.´s multi-year testing campaign demonstrate Norsk´s Rapid Plasma Depositionâ„¢ (RPDâ„¢) titanium parts meet demanding aerospace requirements and can now be supplied to the world´s premier aerospace & defense manufacturers for final certification and airframe integration.

The achievement of TRL8 status provides Norsk Titanium with the ability to deliver precision structural parts for aerospace & defense applications as early as 2016. The company is orchestrating the establishment of a global supply base to satisfy aerospace demand through expanded operations and strategic alliances in Europe and the upcoming groundbreaking of the world´s first industrial-scale additive manufacturing facility in the United States.

Norsk Titanium AS is a supplier of aerospace-grade, additive manufactured, structural titanium components.