WestJet speeds up security checks

WestJet (TSX: WJA) said it has sped up security processing for its guests by offering TSA Precheck to eligible travellers.

This innovative program offers trusted guests a less-intrusive search when departing from US airports.

When using one of the program´s dedicated security lanes, TSA Precheck members can leave their shoes, belt, or light jacket on while passing through the scanner. Laptops and liquids can remain in carry-on baggage.

Travellers eligible for TSA Precheck include: Canadian citizens who are members of NEXUS; US citizens and US permanent residents who are members of NEXUS, SENTRI, Global Entry, or TSA PreCheck.

Initially, eligible WestJet guests should collect a boarding pass from a WestJet guest assistance counter; however, self-serve enhancements will be available in 2016.