Western Digital samples 1.33 terabit, four-bits-per-cell, 96-layer 3D NAND

Western Digital Corp. (NASDAQ: WDC) has announced successful development of its second-generation, four-bits-per-cell architecture for 3D NAND, the company said.

Implemented for the company´s 96-layer BiCS4 device, the QLC technology delivers the industry´s highest 3D NAND storage capacity of 1.33 terabits (Tb) in a single chip. BiCS4 was developed at the joint venture flash manufacturing facility in Yokkaichi, Japan with our partner Toshiba Memory Corporation.

It is sampling now and volume shipments are expected to commence this calendar year beginning with consumer products marketed under the SanDisk brand. The company expects to deploy BiCS4 in a wide variety of applications from retail to enterprise SSDs.

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