weBoost releases eqo 4G cellular signal booster kit

weBoost, a provider of cell signal boosters, has launched eqo 4G for up to 32X stronger signal in the home, apartment or office, the company said.

The easy-to-install eqo 4G delivers up to 3.3X stronger signal and 1.7X greater coverage than its predecessor, the original eqo Booster.

The eqo 4G brings accelerated 3G and 4G LTE signals into a home or office with up to 70 decibel system gain, meaning the booster brings up to a maximum of 32X the signal strength of the original inside signal.

The eqo 4G plug-and-play system allows users to begin boosting indoor signal coverage after a quick, five-minute installation process. As part of this process, eqo 4G includes an easy-to-use high performance antenna in a small form factor, so it won´t take up much space.

This lets the consumer place the antenna between the window and screen with minimal mounting. The specially designed flat cable also allows for users to fully close and lock their window for an energy efficient seal without degradation in performance.

The powerful outside antenna receives 4G LTE and 3G voice and data signals and delivers them to the booster. The booster amplifies it and serves as a relay between the phone and the nearest cell tower. The device then receives a stronger signal, and calls and data are fed through the booster back to the network.

Wilson Electronics, LLC, home of WilsonPro, weBoost, and zBoost, provides wireless communications infrastructure, dedicated to delivering access to communications for everyone, everywhere. The company has designed and manufactured cell phone signal boosters, antennas and related components for more than 20 years.