we45 releases Orchestron v5

Application security provider we45, creator of the Orchestron platform, has announced the release of Orchestron v5, the company said.

Orchestron, a vulnerability correlation & management platform, gets a new update intended to improve its correlation capacity. The platform in its newest form will be able to correlate security flaws from tool results even in the absence of tangible metrics like CWE ids.

At the core of this update is Orchestron Risk Language (ORL) the extensive library of vulnerability data that is central to Orchestron´s advanced correlation capabilities. This library provides vulnerability data often missing from security tool results, which is necessary for automated correlation and efficient remediation.

Additionally, Orchestron now seamlessly integrates with commonly used SAST, SCA, DAST & IAST platforms. The new additions to this list include HDIV, Checkmarx and Snyk.