Ways to incorporate mobile marketing into social media strategy

Kristen Gramigna, chief marketing officer for BluePay, has provided three ways to incorporate mobile marketing tactics into social media strategy to reach new customers or to deepen the engagement with current customers.

Customize. Gramigna suggests that it´s critical to review how your social profiles look on all platforms (e.g., desktop, iPhone and Android devices). This research will allow you to customize your social profiles to ensure the best user experience possible.

Optimize. With mobile users checking social media to find suggestions for nearby businesses, it is key that your prospects and returning customers can quickly find you on social media. Optimize your social profiles so users can find you and confirm that all profiles include your correct business location, hours of service, price range and contact information.

Tailor. Gramigna recommends you tailor your social media posts to a mobile user´s day. With the majority of mobile search activity taking place from 3 p.m. until midnight, tailor your social activity to involve mobile users during these hours based on their search activity and location.