Wallaby Financial releases new version of iOS app

Wallaby Financial said it has launched version 4.0 of its flagship iOS application to help consumers stay on top of their finances and make it easier than ever to maximize credit card rewards.

The new version features added personal finance analysis tools, customizable widgets, Apple Watch integration, and overall improvements in speed and ease of use.

Debuting in version 4.0 are the Spend Monitor and an updated home screen, which give users at-a-glance insight into their credit card spending. The Spend Monitor makes it easy for consumers to track their finances and identify changes in financial behavior through three key factors: spending alerts pinpoint increased or unusual activity in a given category; suspicious activity such as double charges and potential fraud are highlighted to help users spot issues early; and a color-coded view helps users see where and how they could have earned more rewards. Users can also now see an overview of their spending and bills directly on the home screen.

Wallaby is the leader in credit card data and consumer financial information applications. Powered by CardBase®, a proprietary database of more than 2,700 credit card profiles, and its real-time optimization algorithms, Wallaby´s product suite helps consumers to earn more rewards and save more money.