VREF launches new aircraft valuation software platform

VREF Aircraft Reference Value & Appraisal Services has announced it has launched a new, built-from-scratch valuation platform, the company said.

The new program has numerous features never before offered in a valuation tool. VREF set out to build a platform that, like its previous version, could be used by anyone with any level of aviation knowledge. Even a first-time buyer or a seasoned aircraft broker will produce dependable values.

VREF, in partnership with the AOPA, has revamped the experience for all AOPA members as well. For the first time in VREF´s 25-year history, all AOPA members will be able to access the complete VREFOnline platform (Turbine and Piston) from within the AOPA website. All members will also have access to VREF´s reports, appraisal services, and consulting.

VREF the leading provider of aircraft valuations and appraisals for the aviation industry, offers its realtime valuation software program via online subscription as well as through printed books published quarterly.