Voxbone rolls out national outbound calls

Voxbone, the CaaS (Communication as a Service) provider, has has announced the launch of a game changing service, enabling it to become the world´s first globe-spanning local communication network in the cloud — a single-source alternative to the PSTN that finally lets businesses cut the carrier cord, the company said.

Voxbone has enhanced its Outbound Calling service with the ability to make in-country calls across 10 markets including US, UK, France, Germany and Australia. A rapid rollout is planned to the rest of the 60+ countries where its global telephony network is interconnected with the national infrastructure. Together, these countries represent 92% of world GDP, making Voxbone a one-stop shop for 2-way global business telephony services in the cloud.

The new National Calling capability lets businesses make calls across the entire national dialing plan in a given country, complete with local number presentation. This includes special destinations such as emergency and toll-free numbers that are not usually reachable via international calling services. Voxbone´s Best-Quality Routing (BQR) engine ensures that its customers´ calls are automatically routed in-country wherever National Calling is available.