Vormetric releases new encryption solution

Enterprise data security company Vormetric has announced new, innovative security solutions for the Vormetric Data Security Platform that further expand the supported data-at-rest security use cases and simplifies the operations of deploying encryption, the company said.

A primary challenge for organizations implementing and managing encryption for data-at-rest is to transform clear-text to cypher-text, or to rekey existing encrypted data, without causing disruptive downtime.

Vormetric Live Data Transformation alleviates this problem by seamlessly performing initial encryption or rekey operations without planned downtime for applications or services. Also announced today are additional enhancements to the Vormetric Data Security Platform – Caringo support for the Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway and Vaultless Tokenization.

Vormetric Tokenization provides format-preserving tokenization that can protect sensitive fields in databases as well as big data environments, and that can also limit who can see sensitive data sets.