Volocopter air taxi completes manned flight over Marina Bay in Singapore

Urban air mobility company has announced the completion of its first manned flight over Singapore´s Marina Bay, the company said.

This was the last trial of a demanding test series to verify and validate the ability of Volocopter air taxis to fly over the area. Government authorities including the Ministry of Transport (MOT), the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), and the Economic Development Board (EDB) supported Volocopter in this testing phase and will continue to do so in the future. This flight kicks-off Volocopter´s efforts to bring commercial air taxi services to Singapore.

A 2X model of the company´s test series flown by a pilot onboard was used. The flight covered a distance of approximately 1.5 km and lasted for two minutes at an average cruising height of 40 m.

Volocopter GmbH is building the world´s first sustainable and scalable urban air mobility business to bring affordable air taxi services to megacities worldwide. With the VoloCity, the company is developing the first fully electric eVTOL aircraft in certification to safely and quietly transport passengers within cities.