Voip-Pal offers reopening plan for airlines

Voip-Pal (OTCQB:VPLM) has announced a reopening plan amid the COVID-19 crisis that allows airlines to test passengers no longer than 48 hours before boarding the plane, the company said.

In some instances, passengers can offer the test at the airport. Only passengers with a negative test result would be permitted to board the plane. A passenger would take the test prior to their outbound flight and again before their return flight. Requiring each passenger to show a current negative test result before boarding will restore confidence in the safety of air travel.

Voip-Pal (OTCQB: VPLM) is a Bellevue, Washington-based company, inventers and pioneers of the switching technology now being used by many telecommunication and social networking companies, without which they could not connect Landline phone calls to Internet phone calls.

Voip-Pal´s CEO said patients do not always show any clinical symptoms, have normal chest imaging, but yield a positive nucleic acid test. They become silent, invisible, and lethal vectors of COVID-19, being just as likely to spread the virus as a symptomatic patient. Children are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 than adults. It is believed that between 10% to 15% or more of carriers are asymptomatic. It only takes one to infect dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people in an enclosed environment.”

Every country would need a marshal plan in order to get back their economies. The Coronavirus Marshal Plan begins with executing the right testing strategy. Mobile testing vans need to be deployed and visible in every community. Once a person is tested, their current test results would be displayed on their smartphone. As long a person tests negative, they could move about freely. Anyone who tests positive can receive early treatment and isolate themselves to avoid spreading the virus to their family and friends, and avoid mass spreading within the community.