Vocalcom adds Social Care to its contact center software

Vocalcom said it will release shortly its social customer service solution for Twitter through the integration of Twitter´s new ecosystem solutions-a suite of data products and functionality designed especially for enterprises with the interest of building the next generation of customer service solutions.

With this solution, Vocalcom cloud contact center software will offer rich context about customers, gain insights from customer service interactions, and prioritize conversations that need attention.

This past week, Twitter cited the growing importance of the social platform as a customer service tool and announced that it had launched an initiative to take customer service to the next level by creating a suite of data products and functionality designed to provide companies with the essential tools for delivering optimal customer service. The suite offers detailed contextual insights about customers, rich analysis of tweets with internal company data, and advanced metrics to measure brand audience-all while creating a delightful experience for customers.

The Vocalcom social customer service solution with the new Twitter ecosystems integration offers numerous benefits. For one, brands will be able to respond more quickly to customers at one-sixth the cost of a traditional voice customer service call, or up to 80 percent per interaction compared to phone calls.

Customer service satisfaction is also set to grow, as the playbook cites that tweets targeted at major brands´ customer service Twitter accounts have increased 2.5 times over the past two years with the potential for 97 percent customer satisfaction. Indeed, 85 percent of customers who have a positive customer service interaction are likely to recommend a brand to others, and many companies have reported that Twitter has played a key role in their customer satisfaction feedback.

Vocalcom was founded on the principle of a wonderful user experience, providing a cloud contact center software based on an innovative design and useful functionality. More than 3,500 companies such as McDonald´s, Disney, and ITV are using Vocalcom to lower their operational costs, raise productivity, and turn each customer interaction into a positive business outcome.