VM Import Tool from CloudShare Makes Migrating to Cloud Easier

CloudShare, a supplier of specialized cloud-based IT lab environments for software training, sales demos and PoCs (proof of concept), and development and testing, has announced the immediate availability of a new virtual machine (VM) import tool that makes migrating VMware and Oracle VirtualBox VMs to the cloud much easier and faster than before, the company said.

Many organizations and cloud services still rely on file transfer protocol (FTP) to migrate VMs to the cloud. These uploads take hours to complete, and the process is not reliable. Errors are common, especially with large files, and there is typically no way to know whether an error has occurred until the lengthy upload process is complete.

CloudShare´s new VM Import tool checks for potential errors immediately at the start of the process, enabling the vast majority of errors to be detected within two minutes instead of the hours of waiting that FTP-dependent methods require. Plus, if errors occur, CloudShare provides a unique auto-correct feature that users may accept or override. The entire process runs behind the scenes so users can keep working on other tasks until complete. The end result is a custom CloudShare template that includes initial networking, and which can easily be joined with existing pre-built CloudShare templates to create a complex environment in no time.

Founded in 2007, CloudShare provides specialized virtual IT environments for training, DevOps, and demos & PoCs. By enabling the quick and easy sharing of real-world environments, regardless of complexity, our friendly turnkey solutions let enterprises benefit immediately from increased reach, responsiveness and scalability.