VividLite seeks crowd-funding for smart lamp

VividLite has released a new ShadowBox smart lamp to support on Kickstarter, the company said.

The project seeks to raise USD50,000 in funding by May 16, 2016 to bring the power of portable lighting to the widest possible audience.

This revolutionary, app-powered lamp was designed from the ground up to be a uniquely all-purpose, battery-powered, color-adjustable, wireless, LED lighting solution. The unit can run both through a USB-AC adapter or on AA batteries. The lamp, and all its incredible features, can be controlled via two distinct options: either through a customized infrared remote, or from a smartphone like the Apple iPhone or an Android device via a long range WiFi-to-radio frequency transmitter, ShadowHub.

The ShadowBox includes unique lighting features like strobes, flashes, fades and rhythmic sound-to-light options. The innovative new “music mode,” allows the light to sync with the beat of any song played via a connected audio device. ShadowBox features a compact, durable, sleek design, allowing it to be conveniently portable and functional at the same time.

Nearly every aspect of the ShadowBox can be customized to meet the needs of the user.