Viverae launches new web, mobile experience

Viverae has introduced a new mobile app desktop interface that allows members to manage their well-being at work, and in their everyday lives outside of corporate walls, the company said.

The portal invites members to personalize their journey–from wellness to well-being–by setting goals of their choosing, including physical fitness, sleep, diet and nutrition. Updated navigation offers members access to health assessments, health scores, health ages, and biometric results, as well as simple tracking of wellness program progress. Members can also sync devices or join and record progress in company-wide or personal challenges.

Viverae is a workplace wellness technology company based in Dallas, Texas that is rooted in care and focused on reducing health risks. Viverae´s workplace wellness programs are compliant with Affordable Care Act requirements and applicable law, and National Committee for Quality Assurance and national health advocacy group standards.