Viva Bolivia launches Ilimitado

Comptel Corporation, now a Nokia company, has announced that Viva launched its innovative, time-based mobile data solution Viva Ilimitado, powered by Comptel´s FWD solution, the company said.

FWD is a cloud-based solution that enables contextual, time-based data sales directly from end user devices. By transforming data packages into bite-sized chunks, FWD simplifies and personalises buying and using mobile data. Offering FWD as a white-labelled solution enables operators to leverage their trusted brands in new ways, with existing and new users.

Viva can also leverage FWD´s marketing console to create, sell, market and target mobile data offers in real-time, allowing Viva to, for example, offer “happy hours” during low traffic times. With FWD´s insightful and actionable analytics, operators can monitor performance and better tailor their offering to match customer needs.

FWD continues to gain traction with forward-looking operators in various markets, following successful deployments by Etisalat in both Sri Lanka and Nigeria; by New Zealand mobile operator 2degrees; by DNA, the provider of prepaid mobile subscriptions in Finland; and by Robi Axiata Ltd, the fastest growing telecommunications operator in Bangladesh.

VIVA is the trademark of Nuevatel PCS of Bolivia S.A. (Nuevatel).

Trilogy International Partners Inc. (TSX: TRL) is the parent company of Trilogy International Partners LLC, a mobile telecommunications operator.