Viva Air Group selects Glassbox to raise digital customer experience

Glassbox, a digital customer experience orchestration solution, has announced it has been chosen by Viva Air Group to elevate their digital customer experiences, the company said.

Glassbox empowers organizations to manage and optimize the entire digital lifecycle of their web and mobile customers. Leveraging unparalleled big data, behavioural analytics, session replay, free-text search, application monitoring, and machine learning capabilities, Glassbox enables enterprises to see not only what online and mobile customers are doing but also why they are doing it. Most importantly, Glassbox informs and facilitates action based on those insights that can lead to enhanced customer experience, improved conversion ratios, higher sales, agile IT troubleshooting, and also improved regulatory compliance and faster customer disputes resolution.

Viva Air is a pioneer group of low-cost carriers in South America, created by Irelandia Aviation, a low-cost airline. Viva Air, operates in Colombia and Peru, is one of the fastest growing LCCs in the region. It currently operates 26 destinations in three markets: Colombia, Peru and the United States. The company operates more than 3,100 flights per month and around 40,600 flights a year. With a fleet of 22 aircraft, the number of destinations will keep growing over the coming years thanks to its investment in 50 new A320 aircrafts.