Virtual Sensors Deliver Better Performance than In-Display Infrared Sensors at a Lower Cost

Elliptic Labs´ INNER BEAUTY® AI Virtual Proximity Sensor is powering the much-anticipated flagship OnePlus 7T smartphone, the company said.

Elliptic Labs, the world provider of virtual sensor platforms, had previously announced their contract win but is only now making details available.

OnePlus, a Asian smartphone manufacturer that serves 34 countries and regions worldwide, chose the INNER BEAUTY platform as part of its commitment to advancing the capabilities of its flagship phones. INNER BEAUTY replaces the traditional infrared hardware proximity sensor with software, improving the phone´s design possibilities and enabling a full-screen display.

The INNER BEAUTY AI Virtual Proximity Sensor was first introduced to the world in 2016 and immediately revolutionized smartphone design by deprecating the need for thick bezels and making possible full-screen designs using its software-only proximity solution.

Elliptic Labs is a pioneer in AI virtual sensors for the smartphone, IoT, and automotive industries, transforming products using machine learning and/or sensor fusion to combine ultrasound with data from existing device sensors to produce smarter, greener, safer and more intuitive devices. This allows Elliptic Labs to eliminate the need for infrared, radar and time of flight hardware sensors, saving OEMs components costs and freeing up design space.