Virgin Mobile USA offers new member benefits

Virgin Mobile® USA has announced that members of the Inner Circle plan can take advantage of valuable Member Benefits from merchants when they join the innovative wireless carrier´s unlimited talk, text and high-speed data plan, available exclusively on iPhone, the company said.

The Member Benefits program features distinctive offers from well-known brands in travel, entertainment, fashion, food, wine, gifts, music and more. As the program expands, Virgin Mobile will introduce offers from new merchants and continuously refresh the list.

The program also includes chances to win unforgettable experiences through frequent contests and sweepstakes. One of the first sweepstakes begins in October and will provide up to 90 lucky Inner Circle members the opportunity to win two tickets to one of nine JAY-Z concerts across the United States.

Unlike other carriers´ attempts at loyalty or reward programs, eligibility to receive Member Benefits begins as soon as you join the Inner Circle when you buy an iPhone from, an Apple store or bring your own iPhone and activate it on the Inner Circle plan. Once a member, you will also enjoy unlimited talk, text and high-speed data for USD 50 per month1 on Virgin Mobile´s nationwide network that is faster and more reliable than ever, reaching more than 290 million people.

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