Virgin Group founder weighs in on Brexit debate

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson has launched a nationwide campaign to urge the UK public to vote to remain in the European Union, the founder said.

Branson has penned a personal letter outlining what´s at stake should the UK choose to vote leave. The campaign launches across online and social media with a series of full page adverts that have hit national newsstands.

In his open letter, Richard suggests that a ´Brexit´ would be a backward step for the UK.

Branson said:

“As an entrepreneur I have been known for taking risks throughout my career but leaving the European Union is not one of the risks I would want the UK to take–not as an investor, not as a father and not as a grandfather. I am deeply concerned about the impact of leaving.

“Although I´ve been living in the British Virgin Islands for some time now, I have never stopped caring passionately about the UK and its great people. I am one of the few business people who can remember how difficult it was before the EU was formed. Setting up a new business was a challenge, I couldn´t move my employees between Britain and Europe without visas, moving goods was hugely complex with [35 percent] high taxes and the hassle of red tape and heavy handed bureaucracy. I´m saddened to think the UK would ever go back to that time.”

The Virgin Group was founded over 50 years ago and Virgin businesses currently employ over 50,000 people in the UK. Virgin Group companies include banking, commercial aviation, consumer electronics, Internet and mobile phones.