Viptela launches comprehensive cloud transformation solution

Viptela, Inc., has announced Viptela Cloud onRamp, which enables organizations to seamlessly connect users and sites to the cloud, including infrastructure services (IaaS) and SaaS applications, while providing a highly optimized user-experience, the company said.

Cloud onRamp is part of Viptela Fabric, a single platform that supports multiple use-cases including SD-WAN, Cloud Networking, Network-as-a-Service and AppUX.

Viptela Cloud onRamp addresses the primary challenges enterprises face in connecting to IaaS and SaaS providers while still ensuring security and an optimal user experience.

For IaaS applications, like AWS and Microsoft Azure, Cloud onRamp extends the Viptela Fabric from enterprise sites to these services by automatically instantiating virtual instances of its vEdge router inside the customer´s cloud.

These instances automatically transform the cloud into an extension of the enterprise branch (as opposed to an extension of the data-center) to optimize the user-experience. Cloud onRamp can segment public cloud workloads through policies that enable the creation of multiple VPNs on top of a single fabric. The entire infrastructure is centrally managed for connectivity, security, policy and access control.

For SaaS applications, like Microsoft Office 365 and, Cloud onRamp uses vEdge routers in branches, regional colocation facilities or data centers to monitor performance and availability, and dynamically determine the best Internet path to the SaaS application. These cloud Gateways provide both network and application optimization in real-time based on changing network conditions.

Viptela provides Fabric technology that Enterprises and Service Providers use to deliver a superior user to application experience. The solution is a single platform that enables multiple critical use-cases: including SD-WAN, Cloud, Network-as-a-Service and AppUX. It is a cloud delivered, secure, scalable, open and simple to deploy platform that is in use at thousands of sites, and is the most deployed solution by Global Fortune-1000 enterprises.