Vincari's Virtual Assistant for Physicians expands to 24 states

Vincari, creator of the virtual assistant for physicians, has announced their 2016 Q4 customer statistics.

During Vincari´s fourth quarter of 2016, 80 hospitals chose its virtual assistant to help their physicians provide fast, highly specific and compliant documentation.

Vincari is designed by physicians for physicians. Physicians embrace Vincari because it allows them to complete operative reports in 93 seconds, provides ICD-10 guidance for specificity and Joint Commission compliance, and produces a suggested charge report for same day pro-fee billing.

Hospitals appreciate the reduction in transcription cost, the accuracy that leads to an appropriate surgical CMI improvement (7.1% average), and Vincari´s interoperability with their EMR.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Vincari provides a cloud-based rules engine and real-time querying virtual assistant to complete operative and charge reports with 100% Joint Commission compliance and ICD-10 specificity while protecting physician and hospital reputations.