ViewSonic Introduces myViewBoard Software and Tools for Teachers

ViewSonic Corporation, a provider of visual solutions, has announced expanded distance learning tools and resources being made available to educators during the coronavirus pandemic, the company said.

As parents, students and teachers prepare for extended school shutdowns, ViewSonic is working with educators to make e-learning even more accessible, interactive and engaging.

ViewSonic PD teams are offering one-on-one online support for teachers on topics including curriculum development, hardware and software tools for distance learning, video creation and video conferencing for interactive lessons. The program is designed to accelerate e-learning through ideation, communication and online student engagement.

With the myViewBoard Clips video-assisted learning platform, educators can access more than two million licensed, ad-free educational videos that reside on a secure platform. The content has been educationally curated, free of inappropriate content to ensure students´ safety, and fit for common core standards.

Specific to age level and subject matter, every video has been selected from a library of more than 150 media partners, including: TED, PBS NewsHour and Bloomberg Media, as well as teachers´ favorites such as Crash Course, Minute Earth and LearnZillion. myViewBoard Clips seamlessly integrates with myViewBoard software to allow for annotation, lecture capture, distance learning and more.

Founded in California, ViewSonic is a provider of visual solutions with a presence in over 100 cities around the world. As an innovator and visionary, ViewSonic is committed to providing comprehensive hardware and software solutions that include monitors, projectors, digital signage, ViewBoard® interactive displays, and myViewBoard™ software ecosystem. To find out more about ViewSonic, visit