Vidyo releases implementation of VP9 optimized for real-time video

Vidyo, the provider of integrated video collaboration technology, has announced its own implementation of the VP9 coding format optimized for real-time video, the company said.

Leveraging over a decade of experience building real-time video encoders, Vidyo´s tests of its implementation of VP9 yield up to double the battery life for mobile devices.

Compared to the open source VP9 codec, Vidyo´s implementation delivers a more efficient experience for users across a variety of industries who rely on real-time collaboration over video.

Vidyo´s latest breakthrough extends the company´s leadership position in video compression and communications. The Vidyo VP9 codec has enterprise-grade error resilience for high-quality multi-party video communications and it is fully compatible with WebRTC.

Vidyo´s long track record of innovation began in 2005 when it co-developed H.264 SVC, built its first commercially available implementation and introduced its patented selective forwarding unit (SFU) approach to the video conferencing market.

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