vidREACH Individual to Serve Small Businesses with Personalized Video Communication

vidREACH, the video email platform, has announced vidREACH Individual, a video email solution serving small businesses and individuals focused on personalized video email communication methods, the company said.

vidREACH Individual provides quick and easy video email opportunities for enhanced human-to-human connections straight from a phone or email.

vidREACH is expanding its product suite to offer small businesses and individuals the opportunity to incorporate a video platform into their marketing strategies. With video engagement initiatives being 64 percent more likely to result in customer engagement than other mediums, this offering increases opportunities for all business sizes.

The vidREACH Individual mobile application allows these users to create connections wherever they are without the restrictions of a computer, laptop, or location. With the “on-the-go” nature of today´s workforce, the vidREACH solution simplifies interactions and communication through video messages from a mobile device, allowing for the benefits of video marketing strategies with a simplified and streamlined approach.

vidREACH is a personalized video email and sales engagement platform that helps businesses engage their audiences, bring in more leads and close more deals. With a goal to help all teams reach their full potential, vidREACH provides full-scale lead generation strategies for customers looking to expand their reach beyond traditional methods.