Victorinox Announces New Urban Outdoor Campaign

Victorinox is the world’s most popular swiss army knife brand. Founded more than 130 years ago in Switzerland, the company has been a staple of quality when it comes to multifunctional knives. Recently, Victorinox announced their latest campaign: Urban Outdoor.

The main theme of the company’s new campaign is that of daily adventure. Whether you live in an urban or rural area, your days can be sprinkled with numerous adventures. A modern citizen should always be ready for an adventure, hence why Victorinox has prepared a wide range of new products. New high-quality items have been created specifically for this campaign. The categories include swiss army knives, household knives, travel gear, and watches.

Swiss Army Knives

Two new models join the Wood Collection of the company’s swiss army knives: the Spartan Wood and the Huntsman Wood. These new models are both pocket-sized products that you’ll find easy to carry with you wherever you might go. Walnut wood is used to create these knives, giving both products a very tactile feel. Thanks to the natural grain of walnut, each product will have a unique look and feel to it. There’s no doubt that these new swiss army knives are going to make great companions for adventurous people. Even if you’re not an adventurer at heart, the multitude of tasks that a swiss army knife can accomplish is more than enough to make it worth the purchase.

Household Knives

A new collection of household knives from Victorinox is always something to look forward to. Simply called the Swiss Modern Collection, the new knife set is every kitchen knife enthusiast’s dream. Each blade is made from high-quality, resistant stainless steel. The handles are made from European walnut wood, similar to those of the swiss army knives. A perfect combination between modern elegance and high-performance functionality is what every modern kitchen needs. Rest assured that each knife from the set will last you a lifetime of use, thanks to the craftsmanship that lies behind it.

Travel Gear

A modern adventurer wouldn’t really be an adventurer if he or she wouldn’t have the right travel gear. There’s more to Victorinox’s travel gear than just helping you get ready for an outdoor adventure. The new smart backpack collection includes products made for the urban professional. The Deluxe Travel Laptop Backpack is one such example. It features a main compartment that includes a file dividere, a storage pocket, and a stash pocket that are all easy to reach, secure, and clean. Having this backpack in your daily life is enough to make you confident that you have your business travel needs covered.


Victorinox watches aren’t necessarily what the company is best known for but they are gaining popularity by the day. Their most popular watch collection, called I.N.O.X. receives a new limited edition watch: the Carbon. As you would expect, the case is made of carbon, instead of the usual stainless steel, making it at least 50% lighter and much more resistant than the older models. Before being launched, the Carbon limited edition passed 130 extreme homologation tests. The watch even comes with a removable flashlight and a survival paracord strap instead of the usual leather or metal strap. Nothing spells out adventure better than this watch. Only 1,200 pieces will be made.