Vesper launches piezoelectric digital microphone

Vesper, developer of the world´s most advanced acoustic sensors, today introduced the VM3000, the latest piezoelectric MEMS microphone in its product line, the company said.

The VM3000 is the first digital microphone in Vesper´s portfolio and greatly expands the number of applications that can be serviced with robust piezoelectric MEMS microphones.

This high performance, low power microphone with an ultra-fast startup of less than 200 microseconds delivers superior performance in all environments. Applications that can benefit from a digital interface include smartphones, automobiles, laptops and smart speakers.

Because piezoelectric MEMS do not require a bias voltage, they have an ultrafast startup time. This fast startup allows systems to wake up fast enough to capture entire keywords and has demonstrated up to a 2X improvement in keyword accuracy when used in combination with Vesper´s ZeroPower Listening™ technology. The fast startup also eliminates the need to keep microphones in standby mode, thereby further saving power.

Vesper is a privately held advanced sensor company based in Boston, Mass. With origins at the University of Michigan, Vesper´s award-winning microphones are driving a new era of pervasive voice interfaces and acoustic event-detection products via a proprietary piezoelectric MEMS technology. For more information, visit