VESA rolls out early certification program for video source, display products

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has announced its early certification program for video source and display products using DisplayPort High Bit Rate 3 (HBR3), the highest data link rate supported by the DisplayPort standard version 1.4 published in March 2016, the company said.

DisplayPort interfaces with HBR3, which are now available in consumer products, can drive 8K video resolution using a single connection, as well as multiple 4K displays. Key applications supported by HBR3 include high-performance gaming, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and television broadcasting.

The new DisplayPort HBR3 Early Product Certification Program includes a comprehensive test plan that covers supported features and capabilities. Leading DisplayPort compliance test laboratories, including Allion Labs and Granite River Labs (GRL), now offer early product certification for VESA member companies as well as testing services for products in development.

In early December, many of VESA´s 230-plus member companies also participated in a test event held in Taiwan to certify product interoperability in order to ensure good user experience.

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) is an international, non-profit standards association representing a global network of more than 230 hardware, software, computer, display and component manufacturers committed to developing and promoting the electronics industry. VESA has an established 25-year track record of creating and supporting simple, universal and cross-product solutions for today´s video and electronics industry. The association´s standards include DisplayPort, the industry replacement for DVI, LVDS and VGA. DisplayPort utilizes a state-of-the-art digital protocol and provides an expandable foundation to enable astonishing digital display experiences.