VESA rolls out DisplayPort standard 1.4 for mobile personal computing devices

The Video Electronics Standards Association said it has published the Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) standard version 1.4b.

This new release takes the original eDP 1.4 standard to production-ready status, incorporating a number of key protocol refinements and clarifications resulting from VESA member companies´ product development efforts. These enhancements to the eDP standard were specified to further optimize interoperability and time to market for developers of integrated displays and personal electronic devices, enabling improved flexibility of system implementation, reduced device complexity and lower bill of materials (BOM) costs.

Since the original publication of the eDP 1.4 standard more than two years ago, the PC and tablet industry has worked together within VESA to refine the specification as eDP 1.4-enabled components and products have been developed. As with eDP 1.4a, published in early 2015, the eDP 1.4b standard incorporates features of the VESA DisplayPort (DP) Standard v1.3 (December 2014). The GPUs and CPUs that support DisplayPort 1.3 can also drive the eDP 1.4 interface.

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) is an international, non-profit standards association representing a global network of more than 200 hardware, software, computer, display and component manufacturers committed to developing and promoting the electronics industry.