Vertex Tech announces low-altitude recreational flying vehicle

London-based innovation company Exclin Ltd has announced the Vertex Recreational Vehicle — a next-generation, fuel-efficient vehicle concept that will offer pilots an exhilarating, low-altitude flight over sea, the company said.

Based on patented, award-winning Vertex Lift System technology, the vehicle will also allow vertical take-off and the ability to explore far-flung island locations beyond the range of a speedboat.

Because it flies close to the water using “wing in ground-effect” (WIG) technology, the Vertex Recreational Vehicle will be more efficient than a plane and faster than most boats.

The Vertex Recreational Vehicle is made possible by Exclin´s patented Vertex Lift System.

This system takes conventional WIG technology and adds “lift thrust”, providing control and stability independent of vehicle speed.

The technology solves a key challenge faced by conventional WIG vehicles, potentially opening up a new product class.

The “lift thrust” technology also means the vehicle can take off vertically from a ground surface — offering a thrill to the pilot and a spectacle to observers –while still offering the flexibility of conventional take-off and landing on ground or water.

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