Vermont acts as supply chain hub for US, Canada-based aerospace defense companies

The Vermont Chamber of Commerce has announced it has secured more than 10 aerospace and defense companies to participate in the annual Manufactured in Vermont Supply Chain Trade Show on Thursday, September 27, the company said.

These companies will land in Vermont searching for companies to expand their supply chains, creating more opportunities for their companies and economic growth for Vermont businesses.

Bell Flight, Boeing, Defense Logistics Agency — Troop Support, Sikorsky, A Lockheed Martin Company and Oshkosh Defense top the list of out-of-state original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking to engage Vermont and New England´s proven base of pre-qualified suppliers to optimize their supply chains with new innovations, products and services for competitive advantage.

The Vermont Chamber is also bringing 30 Canadian companies to Manufactured in Vermont in support of the continuing work to build a US – Canadian aerospace corridor, linking Vermont´s USD 2 billion aerospace and aviation cluster with a USD 28 billion Canadian aerospace industry for cross-border commerce. The Trade Corridor is now being extended to the Connecticut aerospace cluster. This is part of the ongoing work between the Vermont Chamber and Aéro Montréal stemming from an agreement in 2013.

Vermont Chamber is the largest statewide, private, not-for-profit business organization, representing nearly every industry sector with a mission to create an economic climate conducive to business growth and the preservation of the Vermont quality of life.