Verizon picks Mesosphere DCOS for data center service orchestration

To meet increasing data center demands, Verizon will begin using Mesosphere´s Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) later this year to significantly improve automation, scalability and efficiency when deploying applications, services and big data infrastructure.

Mesosphere DCOS, which is based on the open source cluster manager Apache Mesos, will allow Verizon to accelerate deployment of new products and services for a wide range of products and services including connected devices and machines, video services, Internet services, storage and mobile applications, as well as big data and analytics.

With Mesosphere DCOS, Verizon Labs developers will be able to operate the entire data center as a single cohesive entity. As a result, Verizon will be able to automatically scale services up and down to handle the dynamic needs of millions of customers.

Using a single DCOS interface, Verizon Labs teams can create rules and complex scripts to automate data center operations that enable an unprecedented level of automation throughout the data center. New services can be scaled up quickly using existing capacity and without manual configuration of resources because DCOS incorporates an elastic and highly scalable means that reduces up to 90 percent of the number of deployment cycles required to deploy new applications.

Verizon Communications, headquartered in New York, is a global leader in delivering the promise of the digital world.