Verizon Digital Media brings OTT capabilities to Volicon customers

Volicon Media Intelligence service from Verizon Digital Media Services has been enhanced with the integration of Verizon´s slicer application, a software element of the Uplynk Video Streaming service, the company said.

The company said this integration allows users of the Volicon Media Intelligence service to launch over-the-top (OTT) offerings by leveraging their existing Volicon hardware infrastructure.

The Volicon Media Intelligence service records broadcast content across interfaces including SDI (serial digital interface), TS (a digital container format for transmission), and analog for purposes of monitoring, compliance and review.

Verizon Digital Media Services is a single, end-to-end digital media platform that can prepare, deliver, display and enable the monetization of online content. The platform has over 90 points of presence on five continents,