Verizon completes 5G radio specifications

Verizon Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: VZ) (NYSE: VZ) has completed its 5G radio specification, in conjunction with its continued collaboration with global operators, the company said.

The specification is the product of collaboration within Verizon´s 5G Technology Forum, a group working to define parameters for 5G specifications in advance of future standards. With 5G, end users will enjoy wireless service that delivers several gigabits per second throughputs and single-millisecond latencies.

The specification provides guidelines to test and validate 5G technical components. The development of the specification allows industry partners such as chipset vendors, network vendors, and mobile operators to develop interoperable solutions and contribute to pre-standard testing and fabrication.

Verizon Communications Inc. is a wireless network that employs 177,700 and generated nearly USD132 billion in 2015 revenues.