Verizon certifies Altair's chipsets for VoLTE

Altair Semiconductor, a provider of LTE chipsets, has received VoLTE certification from Verizon for its FourGee-3800 Cat-4 chipset, the company said.

The move expands on the previous Verizon´s device certification of Altair´s Cat-1 and Cat-4 LTE chipsets.

Altair´s FourGee-3800 includes a voice-optimized media processing subsystem running HD voice and on-chip IMS signaling. The chip supports advanced calling features such as conference calling, call waiting, and call forwarding.

Altair Semiconductor provides single-mode LTE chipsets. Altair´s portfolio covers cellular 4G market needs, from s video-centric applications all the way to IoT and M2M.