Veritone Teams with Cumulus Media on broadcast radio

Veritone, Inc. has signed agreements with Cumulus Media (NASDAQ:CMLS) New York, Los Angeles and Chicago to license Veritone´s first-of-its-kind Cognitive Media Platform (CMP) to provide near real-time audio capture, indexing and analytics for select Cumulus Media terrestrial stations, the company said.

A leader in the radio broadcasting industry, Cumulus is one of the latest companies to team with Veritone to revolutionize broadcast radio by using its innovative and unique technology, which allows companies to fully analyze the effectiveness of their advertising.

Cumulus Media will harness the power of Veritone´s CMP to index and package audio content, transcribe broadcast media and measure advertising efficacy, in ways previously unavailable, to satisfy the rapidly multiplying demands for actionable media intelligence from brands, businesses and advertisers. Currently, Cumulus radio programming in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago is being ingested and recorded in real-time, and these key markets are leveraging the capabilities of Veritone´s CMP to index, organize and make this content searchable and accessible in the cloud.

Veritone´s platform currently ingests thousands of hours of audio and video content daily, leveraging its powerful suite of over 30 integrated cognitive engines, including natural language processing, logo detection, voice fingerprinting, facial recognition and object detection, creating a rich and actionable database and index.

Veritone provides cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology company that has developed a proprietary Cognitive Media Platform (CMP).

A leader in the radio broadcasting industry, Cumulus Media (NASDAQ:CMLS) combines high-quality local programming with iconic, nationally syndicated media, sports and entertainment brands to deliver premium content choices to the 245 million people reached each week through its approximately 450 owned-and-operated stations broadcasting in 90 US media markets (including eight of the top 10), more than 8,200 broadcast radio stations affiliated with its Westwood One network and numerous digital channels.