Verint Introduces Multiple Work-From-Home Programs

Verint® Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT), The Customer Engagement company™, has announced multiple support programs that can be quickly deployed to address work-from-home (WFH) COVID-19 challenges and help businesses improve their visibility, compliance and productivity, the company said.

Verint WFH programs cover 5 areas:

Interaction analytics to increase visibility and compliance. Verint introduced a Covid-19 rapid response program that includes a set of 13 pre-built categories that are easily imported into an existing Verint Speech Analytics solution, providing timely and valuable insights to improve understanding of customer and employee business challenges to inform changes to systems, policies and processes.

Compliance tune up to reduce risk associated with a shift to a new WFH environment. Verint´s offering helps ensure WFH agents are continuing to adhere to a host of compliance requirements–from PCI to mandatory disclaimers and disclosures. Verint also offers customers end-to-end encryption for data at rest and in-transit.

Knowledge Management and Virtual Agents to improve workforce productivity with relevant and timely knowledge while supporting much needed automation efficiencies. The Verint COVID-19 programs include a KM starter package that can be fully deployed in several weeks and a WFH Intelligent Assistant offer focused on answering employee inquiries regarding the new remote work environment.

Experience Cloud to improve visibility into employee and customer experiences. Verint introduced a COVID-19 starter package that allows companies to understand the unique issues of the newly at-home workforce and use employee listening for vital two-way communication. Easy to set up, the program includes survey, analytics and alert capabilities to help companies prioritize and act quickly to create better work-from-home conditions.

Community and Web Self-Service platform to help organizations launch secure employee and customer communities, available 24X7, for coordination in the midst of the shifting landscape. Verint´s COVID-19 program includes quick deployment with a minimal set up charge.

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