Veri secures multi-million dollar seed funding

Soon-to-be-released celebrity social platform Veri has secured a multi-million dollar seed funding deal led by Montreal Alouettes owner and founding partner of McConnell Wetenhall & Co, Inc., Bob Wetenhall, the company said.

The financing will help further develop the technology behind the beta version which is set for public launch later this year.

Through the Veri app, digital influencers meeting a certain follower criteria can engage in virtual one-on-one interactions with fans through paid bookings.

For fans, Veri offers the chance to take the social celebrity meeting to the next level, with unprecedented, personal access. This could mean anything from one-on-one advice from a favorite fashionista, personal workout tips from top trainers or even interactive cooking lessons from admired chefs.

Based in Montreal, Veri is an online platform that acts as a trusted, reputable marketplace where fans and celebrities can meet in a one-on-one context safely, efficiently, and intuitively.