Vencore Labs awarded USD3.4m defense contract

Vencore, Inc.´s applied research organization, Vencore Labs, was awarded a USD3.4 million contract by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to protect wireless networks and the critical data that is shared over them against malicious attacks and/or technical compromises, the company said.

This work is the third and final phase of DARPA´s Wireless Network Defense (WND) program. Vencore Labs was also an awardee on the first two phases, which were focused on technology development during Phase 1 and on applying these technologies to heterogeneous wireless networks that are relevant to the US military in Phase 2. Phase 3 will focus on validating these technologies on military radios and demonstrating their effectiveness.

Vencore Labs intends to deliver a wireless defense framework that is robust in the face of attacks, has a very high accuracy rate, and imposes very little overhead on the network.

It aims to manage cost by providing a solution that incorporates existing hardware and equipment. Its output will be applicable to multiple network technologies and be able to protect these disparate networks using a common defensive framework.

Vencore is a provider of information solutions, engineering, and analytics for US defense, civilian, and intelligence communities. With its transformational applied research organization, Vencore Labs, it designs, develops, and delivers mission-critical services and solutions.

Vencore has 3,800 employees and is based in Chantilly, Va.