Velocity Global Finds Combination of Human Support and Technology Simplifies Global Expansion

Velocity Global, the provider of global expansion solutions, has announced the launch of its new marketing campaign, People First, the company said.

The People First campaign highlights the company´s unique service approach that balances human support with technology, and how it creates an exceptional customer experience throughout the challenging global expansion process.

The goal of People First is to remind growing companies that while technology is a tool to boost productivity and maintain efficiency when managing international teams, real-time, human support is paramount when managing a global workforce as complicated and time-sensitive questions often arise. The right combination of technology and personal support gives companies the confidence they need to take their businesses anywhere around the globe.

The campaign focuses on unique human traits that are essential to a seamless global expansion experience, and those that technology alone cannot replicate–being passionate, determined, strategic, empathetic, and relentless. Working with a strategic partner and support team that embodies these attributes is crucial to navigating the global expansion process with ease.

Visuals throughout the campaign show faces at the forefront, and they personify one of five human traits that business owners and employees alike can relate to. Brackets centered around each face make them the focus and show that people are always at the center of innovation.

Each characteristic highlighted in the campaign coordinates with a unique color chosen based on the relationship between the color and that particular human emotion.

Velocity Global is the provider of global employment solutions that has reinvented the way companies expand overseas. With unrivaled expertise in over 185 countries, Velocity Global delivers end-to-end services and best-in-class support to help companies confidently navigate the entire lifecycle of international business. To ensure a compliant, efficient, and flexible international expansion, Velocity Global provides a comprehensive suite of global services that includes International PEO, Entity Setup and Support, Global Talent Acquisition, Immigration, and Consulting.